Acts of Vandalism and Stories of Love



• 1 Acts of vandalism and stories of love contact sheet print.
• Edition of 50 + 4 AP- Size 24×30 cm / 9×11 inch.
• Signed and numbered by both artists.
• Printed in a darkroom on fuji glossy paper.
• Price is 200,00 Euros + shipping rates.




This is a special collaboration with one of my oldest friends, Ivano Atzori.
The contact sheet is from the original shoot for his book cover “DUMBO – Acts of Vandalism and Stories of Love”.
We were both living in New York and the shooting took place in Prospect Park in November of 2006.
I.A.: “The title needed an image and the image needed a title.
I needed to take up some space, and I needed space to fill me up.
When I looked at The Lovers II by Magritte, it made me feel protected and redeemed.
Through this collaboration with Sha Ribeiro, I tried to create something that could disseminate that feeling of being sheltered and loved to the next generations.
The piece, titled Acts of Vandalism and Stories of Love, is a representation of us in time. Guileless in the era of faces.”
This is a one time, limited edition of 50 prints. Each contact sheet will be signed and numbered by Ivano and myself.

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